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Membership has its privileges. Great products, practical protocols and the development of a community of practitioners making a difference.


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OleuroPro: Understanding the Practitioner, Helping the Patient

Creating a Community Dedicated to Supporting Practitioners
Mission and Values

To inspire and empower the holistic healthcare practitioner to succeed in a safe and caring environment by listening, testing, sharing and supporting them as they work in a powerful partnership with us.

Commitment to Community

A community is more than just a group of people. "Community" is a sense of belonging amongst like-minded people defined by identity and affinity. OleuroPro provides the "connection point" that engenders fellowship among members.

Organic Clearinghouse

No one knows everything; a community fosters the acquisition of complete knowledge. Our desire is to make the aggregate knowledge of our members available to each other in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Practitioner-Designed Products

Practitioners know what they want for their patients but are not always able to procure it. We know that frustration and have partnered with research-driven companies to make the "holy grail" available.

Catalyst for Health

Our intent for this portal is designed to serve as a catalyst to transparently connect providers, suppliers and vendors in facilitating products and services procurement within the community.

Top-Notch Interchange

This community-based care coordination portal is designed for healthcare practitioners seeking to leverage collaborative resources, knowledge database, workflow and communication processes to promote quality innovative care delivery.

What Patients Are Saying...

I am 82 years old and I have painful shingles under the skin in my nose, throat, and mouth. My son sent me a bottle of your OleuroPro® (olive leaf extract) as well as the topical last week. I have had shingles for seven months now and your product has given me more relief than anything else I have used. Since taking the extract for a week, three capsules twice a day, I am not coughing as hard and I am getting rid of gobs of phlegm. I also have swelling in my feet and that has gone down too.

R Warner

I’ve been using OleuroPro® for one month. The results I have noticed are amazing, a drop in glucose levels- my levels were at 250 and now they are at 140 and stabilized. My energy has been great. My wife has arthritis and tried the OleuroPro® and also received good results.

R. Galvan

This is the best product I have ever tried. I felt better the first day. I will be 74 years young on September 20th and I am not on any medications.

B. Carley

Today I am excited to report that with no other medications, no specific diet or exercise program, I was able to relieve and control my chronic candidiasis by at least 60%. I accomplished this following my Dr. ****’s instructions. Thank you very much for providing such a remarkable product. This natural antibiotic had absolutely no side effect on me.

A. Terry

My Dr put me on this for late stage Lyme disease. Works well and I seem to have more energy.


It was Thanksgiving Day. At noon the chills and muscle aches started on the way to dinner. Before dinner was ready I was in full-blown flu symptoms with a high fever as well. I spent the whole time in the car instead of with family because I didn't want to pass anything on. I normally take one capsule a day during the fall and winter, but when I got home I immediately started two capsules, three times a day. My fever at this point was 102.9. I was anticipating a ruined 4-day weekend. The next morning I woke up with no fever, no chills, no muscle aches, literally no sign of having been sick the day before. I continued my six-capsules-a-day regime through the weekend and never saw the return of any kind of symptoms. I can't guarantee that the OleuroPro was solely responsible for this, but I've never had such a short experience with the flu as this before.

R Walker

My thinking is getting clearer.

Connie F.

This is amazing and it actually works!

Wendy B

This supplement has broken a week-long,103 degree fever and successfully eliminated several colds (or reduced the severity to such a degree it was hardly noticeable). I have given this to friends and family to test the results and sure enough, it works for them too!! I've now taken it for UTI's, toenail fungus, yeast infections...you name it and it works great!

Lanny R.